• find yourself compartmentalizing your life? Your family life from your business life? Your personal life from your professional life? Your inner life from your outer life?
  • feel tugged and pulled at from many directions? Having you feel frazzled and not at all dazzled at the end of your day?
  • see other women that just seem to “have it all”….the man, the career, the body, the perfectly behaved children, the fashion sense?
  • have a vision or a picture of the life you desire to live out but just don’t know where to begin?
  • you are tired of dealing with the feelings of guilt over your desires and long to feel truly alive with meaning and joy?
  • ready to step into what is possible for you in this season of your life?

Sadly, many women go through their entire lives with these same realities and get to the end of their lives full of regret, longing and the thought “ I wish I had.....” The truth is YOU have this one beautiful created life that YOU can co-create into a portrait that matches the vision you see.

I applaud you for taking on the assignment of transforming the areas of your life that no longer serve you. I am sitting in joyful anticipation of all that will happen in this season of your life.

As part of your coaching experience with me, you will get in touch with your hearts desires, we will pray together to invite God to give us insights into what is intended for you, you will be guided and encouraged to practice nourishing self-care that will support you in cultivating a richer relationship with yourself and other relationships that you love and not a slave to. You will be given life strategies that allow you to grow, develop and build a life of joy and not struggle, as well as the support you need to keep nurturing your passions.

Together we will explore and excavate your story and the things that light you up so that you can build your days delighted and on purpose.

From my experience, transformation takes time. First, we gain knowledge... then, when we apply that knowledge over time ...we gain wisdom.

I would like to take you on a journey of Emotional Wellness. Here below are the details of what I sense would allow you to go on a healing journey and an adventure in joy!

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"I’m not one to easily open up to people I don’t know, so I’d say I was a second-guessing my decision to visit May. But, boy was I pleasantly surprised to meet her and have such an open exchange of thoughts and feelings. I remember walking out of our first visit with a sense of relief and encouragement. May has a kind and distinct way of listening and analyzing.

She made me feel very comfortable and was tenderly mindful in her approach to help me open up to what I, really, already knew in my heart. She encouraged me to be strong and to trust and honor myself.

In retrospect, it was the initiation of a phase of personal empowerment that has slowly reflected on the rest of my world – a sort of personal awakening.

It’s been such a pleasure to meet & work with her on my personal goals."

~Virginia Zeron

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