A beautiful opportunity and invitation for you, the woman who is ready to transform her life and claim what is possible for you this year.

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Ready for Possibility!


  • find yourself compartmentalizing your life? Your family life from your business life? Your personal life from your professional life? Your inner life from your outer life?
  • feel tugged and pulled at from many directions? Having you feel frazzled and not at all dazzled at the end of your day?
  • see other women that just seem to “have it all”….the man, the career, the body, the perfectly behaved children, the fashion sense?
  • have a vision or a picture of the life you desire to live out but just don’t know where to begin?
  • you are tired of dealing with the feelings of guilt over your desires and long to feel truly alive with meaning and joy?
  • ready to step into what is possible for you in this season of your life?

Sadly, many women go through their entire lives with these same realities and get to the end of their lives full of regret, longing and the thought “ I wish I had.....” The truth is YOU have this one beautiful created life that YOU can co-create into a portrait that matches the vision you see.


Since I can remember, even as a little girl, I was always fascinated with what was possible. I did not know it at the time, but what I have always been after is transformation….the notion of taking something from what it is to what it could be. THAT!...is my heartbeat.

It took me years to understand the why behind this truth for me. It all starts on my birthday…the day of my birth.

As I look back at my life, I can see the beautiful thread of this truth in every job I have had, career opportunities that have come my way and the projects I have chosen to be involved in. They all allowed me to participate, facilitate or witness the power of transformation and the strength of humanity.

Now, that may sound really lovely. But there was a problem…

I was afraid and felt that I was not “good enough”. Good enough for what you ask? Good enough to really make a difference in my life and the lives of those I served.

Sure, I was okay some days had some winning moments, but secretly, I always felt that I just did not measure up to the vision I had for my life.

The portrait that I envisioned honored the One who created me and protected my life. I knew that I wanted to be used for a beautiful purpose and that I wanted to be of great service. I felt frustrated that I wasn’t being used and that I was my own worst enemy…self-sabotage was hindering me.

I knew there had to be a better way…

I woke up on New Year’s day several years ago and prayed.

“What would you have me to do in this season of my life?”

I knew I did not want to create a list of resolutions that I knew I would not keep. I wanted to create a list of declarations that I could honor each day of my life….an emancipation from the lies I was hearing to the promises I could believe in.
Here they are…

  • I Declare that I live a life of Joy
  • I Declare that I live a life of Possibility
  • I Declare that I live a life of Transformation

These declarations are key because they are foundational to our human need for growth and to be a contribution. I also prayed for a guide…a mentor that would support me in the vision that I had for my life.

It worked! I discovered that I truly was meant for more than I was allowing myself to experience And that everything I needed to make that shift was at my fingertips.

This can be your reality too…

I believe that you have a beautiful thread running through your life…and no it’s not your fault if you haven’t figured it out yet. You see, understanding how to transform anything from what it is to what it could be requires first a vision. But a vision without a strategy to get there is just a dream. Personal transformation, I believe, requires a new strategy… a new way of speaking…a new language….that thusly transforms the way you think.

"May is a marvelous person. She is wise, kind and compassionate.

May knows how to really listen, without judgment or misunderstanding; she always finds the right words to alleviate one’s confusion, anxiety, pain, or whatever the case might be.

When you speak to May – you have the impression that she lived hundreds of lives previously because she seems to have an answer to any question. But I know she never stops learning and growing, she looks up to others and learns from everyone in return. 

Every time I need guidance, May is always there for me to give me the right insight, a new perspective, a new way of thinking; What’s most surprising to me, is how she can see the best in people, and how she can deliver that message with authenticity, with truthiness and most important – gentility.

She gives you the permission to feel the way you feel, to be who you are, and will be there for you with all her presence; however, if you ask her for a feedback or an advice – she will be honest, because at heartshe wants you to succeed.

I can speak with May for hours long and the topics can be so many: from spirituality, to existentially; from relationships with others to the relationship you have with yourself; we can talk about finances, planning or career growth. If you are looking for someone who went through life and gathered valuable insight, and who is so eager and happy to share her knowledge and empower you by doing so – I believe you’ll find all of that by inviting May into your life."

"Let her in and you’ll discover the beautiful, powerful, and successful woman that you already are!" ~ Andriana Mereuta

I have had a the pleasure of working with May many times both professionally and personally.

I have worked with other photographers and truly find May to be a breath of fresh air, so easy and fun to work with and she truly understands the goals, the vibe, and the personalities on set.

It’s not just work for her, it’ s her passion.

What she sees in the lens is what she portrays in her photos, very soulful.

She thinks out of the box and has more ideas than anyone I know!!

She wants to empower women and you feel that at the first encounter with May.

She is a girls girl.

I look forward to continue working with her as it doesn’t feel like work, just hanging out with a friend who has a clear vision of where she is and wants to be, and how to help you get to where you are going.”

~ Kim Rodriguez, Personal Stylist

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Ready for my Transformation!

There are many wonderful programs for personal transformation… and I dreamed of creating a program where women from around the world could be part of a community that wholeheartedly support each other in their transformation to well-lived lives of joy and possibility….personally and professionally.

Creating a portrait of a Life well lived requires intention…

“Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That’s who you really are. Let go of any part of you that doesn’t believe it.” ~ C. Assaad



Here is a glimpse at what you will gain:

Become a woman of Focus and Clarity
• Know how to focus on “being” and not just “doing”
• You will experience more meaning right where you are
• Understand how perspective enhances vision

Enrich your Relationships with yourself and others
• Learn to deeply care and develop for yourself
• Have confidence to be authentic and genuine
• Learn to set boundaries that support you and honor others

Discover your natural Abilities and how to use them
• Get crystal clear clarity on what are a uniquely gifted in
• Excavate your life story and see the beautiful thread running through it
• Cultivate time to express these abilities and what is possible

Design your personal Mission that inspires you
• Create a personal brand for your life
• Become more visible and position yourself for all that is possible
• Develop a way to contribute beyond yourself

Take Inspired action like a pro
• Determine where you stop yourself from moving towards your dreams
• Learn how imperfect action is the perfect action to take
• Plan days that fuel your inspiration and leap you to the next level

Develop a new Mindset that serves you
• Experience emotional freedom from a new viewpoint
• Take notice of what triggers you and what to do about it
• Create a nourishing daily practice

Bask in the art of Gratitude
• Up level your language of thanksgiving
• Learn the power of reframing any situation
• See God in the simple and the profound

What would it look like to shift your focus, transform how you see yourself and others, celebrate your abilities, have more time to “be”, cultivate a sense of contribution and mission, finally take inspired action towards your desires, nourish a new mindset that takes you far and daily live in gratitude for exactly where you are?

"Working with May was such a joy! She has such a creative eye and her fun and positive spirit as she works made the whole experience such a pleasant one.

The pictures are amazing!

I felt so comfortable and she makes you feel so beautiful. It was definitely one of the best shoots I've worked on. Thank you May!"

~ Beatriz Pola

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Ready to Join!


What you will receive:

• Jump start week of “setting the table”

• 7 weeks of training video or audio

• 7 Modules and guides to follow

• Private Facebook group to connect with other women of possibility

• Weekly check-in the Facebook group to celebrate and answer questions (office hours - TBA)

• 8th week Celebration Live Call and Q&A



Only 50 seats in this class

Bonus: 30 min one-on-one coaching call with May for the first 25 women that sign up

Bonus: Create Space for your Transformation Audio & Worksheet $150

Course Value $797   One time payment $497

Bonus: Inspired Action Takers $397 for the first 10 students

New course coming soon! Sign up to get the details!

Yes, Let's Do This!

"The day flowed easily and without stress, allowing me to really enjoy the process." ~ Cheryl Starr

"I can't say enough about the amazing work May did with me for my branding photo shoot. Starting with the preparation before getting behind the camera, May and I had several coaching sessions where she insightfully and patiently helped me define my story, my lifestyle, and my message. We identified how to best showcase them, down to my wardrobe, makeup, and props. I went into the day of the shoot feeling well prepared and excited.

Her work behind the camera that day was professional, motivational and creative. I was able to see the results within a very reasonable time span and I was nothing short of ecstatic! If you are looking for exceptional service, support, and results, look no further."

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