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Make a great impression…3 keys to a strong personal brand


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Hi, I'm May! Life coach, Lifestyle photographer & Personal Brand leader. Since I was a young girl, I had a strong pull towards the celebrations of life.

It is no wonder I have sought out careers that allow me to fully fuse my love of celebration and contribution. I have had a beautiful journey over the last 20 years in the areas of personal and professional development as well as the visuals arts.

For me, it all starts with 3 words…

joy, possibility & transformation.

My truest desire, to live a life of joy and creativity, is intentional and practiced. Daily, I am freshly inspired by the beauty of creation and the human spirit. I believe that a fresh perspective yields fresh outcomes. As a photographer and coach, I know that life does get blurry at times and we can lose our focus and our way but it does not have to stay that way. We have the power to choose.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ~ Wayne Dyer

What about you? You may be feeling…

  • stuck in an uninspiring job or career and not sure what’s next
  • ready to powerfully share your message and be more visible
  • you are ready to explore your love of photography
  • challenged by a season of transition in your life
  • like you lost your voice in your relationships
  • that you desire to see yourself in a new light
  • disconnected & you need a renewed confidence with yourself

If you are ready for a fresh infusion of possibility in your personal and professional life, lets connect! Remember, life is beautiful…you just need a fresh vision to see it clearly. I am here to help you discover what that “looks like”. I invite you to linger in this site for a bit and explore and when you are ready, reach out for a complimentary Clarity session…all about your beautiful life! P.S. Freedom is just a thought away! I’m here for you!

"I can't say enough about the amazing work May did with me for my branding photo shoot. Starting with the preparation before getting behind the camera, May and I had several coaching sessions where she insightfully and patiently helped me define my story, my lifestyle, and my message. We identified how to best showcase them, down to my wardrobe, makeup, and props. I went into the day of the shoot feeling well prepared and excited.

Her work behind the camera that day was professional, motivational and creative. I was able to see the results within a very reasonable time span and I was nothing short of ecstatic! If you are looking for exceptional service, support, and results, look no further."

"The day flowed easily and without stress, allowing me to really enjoy the process." ~ Cheryl Starr

"Before working with May, I had a vague idea of what I wanted my brand to look like.  More specifically, I knew the feeling I wanted to portray, yet the images in my mind were inspired from other people I saw and admired. Once we started the process of excavating my story, I was amazed at the richness of my own life.  I began to understand the power of May's work when new blog topics and titles emerged along with clarity for brand images.

Being in conversation with May is like opening the door to the riches of my own life. Not only are we working on what my brand and brand photo shoot will look like, which will be the pretty packaging for my business, but we’re also working on what makes me, my life, and my coaching so incredibly powerful. Now I will have the pretty images inspired by my own story… and I love that!"

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